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little rob's christmas trees

our 23rd year - thank you for making us part of your family tradition

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Little Rob’s was founded 22 years ago to fund a 3-week rock climbing trip. Nine months later, that trip ended and a tradition had begun. Since then,we've brought certified organic - and now certified naturally grown - trees to the neighborhood, seen our customers’ children grow up to work on the lot with us, and learned a whole lot about helping people get the most out of their time with family and friends.

2014 Seasonal Update: We don't say "ORGANIC" anymore - here's why: Once upon a time, I decided that if I was going to sell Christmas trees, I should find the kind that require the least amount of bad stuff to grow. I tracked down the original organic tree guy, Curtis Buchanan, but then he quit growing trees in order to focus on his chairmaking business. Curtis put me in touch with the second generation of all-natural tree growers, and we are now doing business with Murphy's Christmas Trees in Sparta, North Carolina. Doug Murphy actually grows trees to support his family, and he found that the food-based, USDA "organic" standards weren’t viable for growing stuff that people don’t actually eat. Another certification, however, exists for small farmers seeking to minimize their chemical footprint: Doug’s trees carry the stamp of the Certified Naturally Grown program. What you need to know is that CNG is a standard that prohibits synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, based on USDA rules and peer-reviewed by other farmers. They just can’t say. . . that word.

Come by and see our Christmas trees for yourself - you'll find that we carry the freshest, greenest trees in the ATL.

3259 Roswell Road (at East Andrews Dr.) Atlanta, GA
9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Wednesday, November 26th to Christmas
(404) 809-7078

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